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A Purchaser’s Guide
Looks Promising
Be Careful No
Recognizable Brand Recognizable Brand from the Past

Examples include:
Chickering, Everett, Howard, Kimball,
Knabe, Kohler & Campbell, Lester,
Sohmer, Weber, Schafer & Sons,
Story & Clark, Wurlitzer
Obscure Brand
(in all likelihood)

(Feel free to check with me if you
aren’t sure)
(Text me the Serial Number and Manufacturer and I will look it up for you.)
1 – 35 years old
36 – 50 years old 50+ years old
Type of Piano
Grand or Studio Upright
- -
(usually about as tall as your waist)
Or Upright Grand
(usually as tall as your shoulders)
Do all the Keys Work?
Yes 1 – 3 don’t work
4+ don’t work
Is there any Structural Damage?
No Small crack in the soundboard Multiple cracks in the soundboard,
cracked bridge,
or loose tuning pin
When was the last time it was tuned?
1 – 5 years
6 – 10 years 10+ or unknown
Do you like this piano?
Not really No